Equitation, dressage and Haute-Ecole
Christine KrantzTranslated by Christine KRANTZ
A lifetime of riding and training experience

Attracted by the French tradition of Classical Dressage, Bernard Chiris became a student of Nuno Oliveira in 1975 and followed his teachings by attending classes with Mr. Oliveira (more than 21 months in total) until 1989 when the Master passed away.

Then Bernard diversified his experience. He competed in show jumping and three-day eventing, he organized clinics for amateurs and professionals, and choreographed exhibition shows. He also trained many horses of different breeds from start to "haute-ecole", and is now devoted to Dressage training of five Lusitanian horses and to Teaching.

Héraclès : The piaffe 
A technique allowing Dressage to remain an Art.
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When should one ask for a specific exercise ? How should it be asked for ? How should it be taught to the horse ? How can one resolve the many problems encountered ?
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The Doubt, the Rider and the Teacher
Bernard Chiris
Riding a horse is expressing the numerous traits of someone's personality...
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